Build innovative solutions for Smarter Cities!

Smart Cities Hackathon 3.0 is a space where developers, entrepreneurs, designers, professors, researchers and people interested on making of their city a better place, can gather and together, in a collaboratively fashion, build solutions that will make our city a more efficient and intelligent place to live.

This Hackathon will take place on June 15-17. It is a completely free event in which anyone interested in developing solutions for our cities is welcomed! The Smart Cities Hackathon 3.0 edition will be a bi-cultural experience since we will be receiving students from the University of Texas at El Paso, who will be participating in the event, as well having an international exposure.

All participating teams will have the chance to present their projects in a rocket pitch fashion to the judges, who will decide the winners for each category.

Hurry up and register your project, since teams with a registered project will have priority!


Hackathon Program

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Where and when?

  • June 15 - 17
  • Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
  • Location: MIND building (Av. Faro 2350, Col. Verde Valle, 44550 Guadalajara, Jal, México)
  • Teams must have at least 3 participants and a maximum of 5
  • Up to 150 participants
  • Teams that have uploaded their project to Devpost will have preference

What does the event include?

Services inlcuded


What should you create?

The objective of Smart Cities Hackathon 3.0 is to encourage participants into building innovative solutions for a Smarter City through a rapid pace development. Therefore, an innovative solution with a functional prototype related to one of the challenges below is expected.


Bluemix Challenge


1. Smart Buildings (IoT)   ---  $2,000 USD in prizes + more

Develop an application that uses sensors to create datasets in order to reduce costs, make more efficient processes or enhance building's features. Projects that address this challenge MUST use IBM Watson IoT Platform or IBM Bluemix's Internet of Things API to develop their solutions, otherwise projects will not be eligible as potential winners.
Click here for IBM Watson IoT Platform Resources or click here for Internet of Things Bluemix's API

Smart Building IoT Prizes


2. Smart Mobility   ---  $1,000 USD in prizes + more

Develop an original mobile/web application that solves mobility issues, such as parking, traffic jams, car reduction, reduction of vechicle's emissions, etc.

Smart Mobility Prizes


3. Smarter Healthcare for Our Elderly People   ---  $1,000 USD in prizes + more

Develop a web/mobile application that addresses a Health Challenge that elder people face.

Smart Healthcare for the Elder Prizes


4. Smart Security   ---  $4,000 USD prize +more

The VoIP emergency button that everybody wants to have: an effective and user-friendly app to contact emergency services (066 / 911) with features that promote wide public adoption.

DOWNLOAD THALES information and instructions for the Smart Security Challenge!!

Watch what Thales does in Mexico

Smart Security Prizes

* For this specific challenge, winners need to transfer the Intellectual Property to THALES in a specific contract in order to get the prize


5. Smart Cities App Store Repository   ---  2 Intel Galileo boards + 6 months incubation!

Develop a platform that enables citizens to download and use Smart Cities Applications to benefit their daily life.

Smart Cities App Store Prizes

6. People's Choice Award   ---  $250 USD in prizes + 2 Intel Galileo boards + 6 months incubation!
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Smart Cities App Store Prizes

 ** All prizes are subject to their corresponding sponsor **


All challenges also participate for a prize for the best implementation of IBM bluemix.



Bluemix material



 *Challenges and evaluation criteria may change according to the event's organizing committee

How to enter

Join us at the hackathon by registering in the link above!

Remember you MUST upload/join a project in order to participate in Smart Cities Hackathon 3.0.




Eric Allene

Eric Allene
Head of Engineering Thales Mexico

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Carlos Ferregut
Dean at UTEP

Dr. Natalia Villanueva

Dr. Natalia Villanueva
Assistant Professor of CS and Co-PI at Cyber-Share Center of Excellente at UTEP

Dr. Kelvin Cheu

Dr. Kelvin Cheu
Civil Engineering UTEP

Emmanuel Barajas

Emmanuel Barajas
Software Developer at IBM

Marco Ramírez

Marco Ramírez
Agile Project Manager at IBM

David del Río

David del Río
Test Manager at Foxconn

Isabel Corvera

Isabel Corvera
Entreprenurial Projects at CUCEA

No avatar 100

Tania Marcela Hernández
Coordinadora de Posgrados CUCEA

Luis Abelardo Elizondo

Luis Abelardo Elizondo
Cloud Sodtware Developer at IBM

Victor Sosa

Victor Sosa
Software Engineer at IBM

Andrés Alberto Lavariega

Andrés Alberto Lavariega
Security Specialist at Evolutel

No avatar 100

Dr. Alejandro López
Professor at UDG

No avatar 100

Dr. Leopoldo Gómez
Information Technology PhD at UDG

Abraham Arce

Abraham Arce

No avatar 100

Jairo Nárez
IBM Toastmaster

No avatar 100

Daniel Ochoa
IBM Toastmaster