• Completely free!
  • No remote participation
  • Teams with minimum 3 members and maximum 5
  • Rocket pitches in English
  • The rights of the work done during the hackathon remain yours
  • Bring your own equipment
  • Teams must be physically present to be judged
  • You can start developing your application before the event


The developers, creators, invertors (generically "the Developers") of the winner project for the Smart Security Challenge at the Smart Cities Hackathon 3.0 event, will be granted a USD $4,000 award. The Developers cede ownership of the rights of the developed project to Thales Mexico, S.A. de C.V. company, as well as the faculties related to the promotion, integrity and collection of the project.

In all cases, the Developers will have the right of being mentioned as authors of the project.