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about 6 years ago

Upload your projects!

Hi everyone!

Smart Cities Hackathon 3.0 is just a few weeks away and it is very important that your team has their project uploaded to Devpost's platform in the Submission Gallery. You can either upload your project and add your teammates or join an existing project. If you haven't done this, follow these simple steps!


  • Go to your portfolio in Devpost and add a new project
  • Fill the project's name, story behind it, tagline, etc.
  • Add your teammembers (you can add more teammembers further on)
  • Save your project
  • At Smart Cities Hackathon 3.0 main page, click on the blue button "Enter a submission"
  • Choose a project from your portfolio
  • Agree with Terms and Conditions and click on "Submit"


  • Click on the grey button "Look for teammates" lcated at Smart Cities Hackathon 3.0 main page
  • You can message participants directly and ask them to add you as a member
  • Or check the Submissions tab for an interesting project you might want to join ( )
  • Contact the project owner and ask them to add you as a new member
  • New team members can be added by editing the project' submission

Remember your project must address one of the following 4 challenges:

  • Smart Buildings (IBM Watson IoT)
  • Smart Mobility
  • Smarter Healthcare for our Elderly People
  • Smart Security

150 is the maximum number of participants; therefore individuals/teams with an uploaded project to the platform will have preference.


We're here to help. If you have any questions about the hackathon, post on the discussion forum or email

See you soon!

Smat Cities Hackathon 3.0